Solutions and Services

These are some of the services offered by Shield Fiduciaries. Custom services can also be discussed.


Once appointed by the probate court we will take care of the personal and medical needs of an incapacitated person. The person may suffer from mental or physical conditions which prevent them from understanding and making responsible decisions concerning their welfare.   We will always make our decisions based on the best interest of the person.

Trust Administrator – A Trustee who follows distribution instructions of a trust and ensures the assets of the trust are distributed upon the death of a trustor.

Successor Trustee – Assumes responsibility from the original or prior trustee to continue with the final instructions of a trust as set forth in a trust document.

Special Needs Trusts – A Trustee who manages trusts for beneficiaries who have special physical, mental health, emotional or other disabilities or requirements. Also, acquire and/or maintains public benefits.


Personal Representative

We will administer the estate of a deceased loved one. We will protect the assets, pay bills and legitimate claims; locate heirs and beneficiaries and distribute the assets of the estate.

Agent for Power of Attorney

An individual who is appointed in writing by someone to represent them in making decisions or managing their affairs, should they become unable to do so, following their wishes, usually discussed in advanced or written-out in writing in advance.

Trust Protector

A trust protector is tasked with the job of overseeing a trustee and ensuring that the trust’s purposes are fulfilled. The trust protector’s powers, which are set out in the document that creates the trust, may include helping the trustee with legal, investment and tax matters. Find out More


We will take over the management of the assets of an individual whomay be suffering from dementia or serious ness and can no longer make prudentdecisions about their property.